Saturday, August 16, 2014

Budget Allotment for 2014-15 & Action on letter to Finance Minister for giving relief to Sr Citizens on medical expenses.

Application For Information Under The Right To Information Act, 2005.
                         (Senior Citizen Priority Case)
The Central Public Information Officer & Director, RTI Cell, Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance, North Block, New Delhi-110001. 

1) Name of the Applicant:             M.V.Ruparelia.( Age 81). D O B: 1-3-34.
2) Address: A 503 Rashmi Utsav, Near Jangid Estate & Vijay Park, Mira Road (E). District Thane, Maharashtra. 401 107.  M.09821732855. E/Mail:                                   3) Particulars of Information:  Information in respect Of number of senior citizens paying Income Tax etc and Budget Allotment for FY 2014-15 for various items of Welfare of Senior Citizens.
Kindly give the following information, keeping in view the spirit of Section 4 (1)-c & d and 6(3) of Right To Information Act, 2005.
i)                Total number of all Tax Payers of Income Tax in India during FY 2012-13 and 2013-14 from various Sources of Income separately like i) Salaries; ii) Pension; iii) House Property; iv) Other Sources like Interest etc; v) Business etc. in the following age-groups with tax amount in each category:
a)     Number of tax payers in age-group in each category like salaries etc:
b)     Amount of Tax.
i)                Below 60
ii)              60 + up to 70
iii)            70+ up to 80
iv)             80+ up to 90
v            90 and above.
ii)              Number of tax payers in each category in above age groups for 2 years given deductions under following sections with amount allowed:
i)                80 D     Medical Insurance etc
ii)              80 DD   Maintenance & medical treatment
iii)            80 DDB Medical Treatment
iv)              80 GG  Rents paid
                  v)          80 U    Personal Disability
iii) When our letter dt 22-6-14 to Shri Arun Jaitely, Hon Finance Minister (copy enclosed) was received and what action was taken thereon and whether it was put up to Hon Minister with all notings may please be sent, giving reply in terms of para 66 of Office Manual.
Iv) Budget Allotments for FY 2014-15 for various items of Welfare of Senior Citizens.

4) Reply may be given by E/Mail on or Post.

5) Fee of Rs 10 is paid in Mira Road Post Office.

Mira Road   11-8-14                                                                     Signature of the Applicant

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