Friday, May 14, 2010

Help Line for Senior Citizens in Mumbai.

Help within TWO MINUTES for Senior Citizens!          M.V.Ruparelia.

In city like Mumbai, where very large number of Senior Citizens resides alone at different places and where crime rate is quite high, it will be surprising to know that Mumbai Police reaches for help of all kinds to Senior Citizens within 2 minutes or maximum 7 minutes of your call on their Help Line 1090 or 100. This is what Shri D.Sivanandan, Mumbai Police Commissioner said in the function for inauguration of One more Help Line 1298 for Mumbai`s Senior Citizens by Nargis Dutt Memorial Charitable Trust on 10-5-10. Mumbai Police has provided 690 Motor Cycles of high speed and 400 vehicles fitted with GIS GPS facility with efficient net work of telephones etc, which enable police to reach the spot within 2 minutes and maximum 7 minutes. Senior Citizens can also call Police for help for any such emergencies like:

i) When they urgently require help of Medical Professionals,

ii) When they face situations that involve physical violence or pose a risk to their lives from outsiders or family members,

iii) When they need counseling to quell their feeling of despair & loneliness.

Senior Citizens should get themselves registered on line on or or on 1090 or by going to nearer Police Stations. All personal information will be kept confidential. They should also get their domestic servants, security guards of the Society, Milk/Newspaper suppliers etc also registered for better & quicker service by Police. Such registration is not compulsory for use of toll-free Help Line 1090 or 100. Help Line is a special service for Senior Citizens that will take care of physical & mental care of all Senior Citizens at all time for 24/7.

New Help Line 1298 by Nargis Dutt Memorial Charitable Trust is also for 24/7. On receipt of call, they will contact the concerned NGO working for a particular cause and get early contact for needful. They will also pursue the matter further with the caller after 7 days to find out whether the work is done or not. They have several NGOs on board to provide Counseling, Legal Advice, Information for Old Age Homes and Services available for Senior Citizens. They have also 51 Ambulances in Mumbai, which are free in accident cases & for those in distress. In other cases, charges are levied and in cases of going to Government Hospitals, 50% less are charged.

There are many other Help Lines for Senior Citizens as under:-

(Courtesy: Just Dial Services)

Dignity Foundation.

Contact Person: Ms Julie

Address: Dignity Companionship, BMC School Compound, Opp Lamington Road Police Station, Topivala Lane, Grant Road, Mumbai - 400007

Contact Nos.: +91-(22)-61381111, 61381100


Helpage India

Contact Person: Mr Prakash Borgaonkar.

Address: 34-A-44 Guruchhaya Building, Manish Nagar, Jaiprakash Road, Andheri West, Mumbai - 400053

Contact Nos.: +91-(22)-26370754, 26370740

Fax: +91-(22)-26370754



Silver Inning Foundation

Contact Person: Mr Sailesh Mishra(Founder President)

Address: Shop No. 10, Bldg.No. J -47/48, Poonam Sagar Complex, Behind Allahabad Bank, Mira Road, Thane - 401107

Mobile: 9987104233, 9819819145, 9029000091



Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Formation of National Association of Older Persons.

Formation of National Association of Older Persons (NAOP) M.V.Ruparelia.

Para 96 of National Policy of Older Persons (NPOP) reads as under:-

96. An autonomous registered National Association of Older Persons (NAOPS) will be

established to mobilize senior citizens, articulate their interests, promote and undertake

programmes and activities for their well being and to advise the Government on all matters relating to the Older Persons. The Association will have National, State and District level offices and will choose its own bearers. The Government will provide financial support to establish the

National and State level offices while the District level offices will be established by the

Association from its own resources which may be raised through Membership, subscriptions,

donations and other admissible means. The Government will also provide financial assistance to

the National and State level offices to cover both recurring as well as non-recurring

administrative costs for a period of 15 years and thereafter the Association is to be expected to

be financially self-sufficient.

No action was taken in 11 years by Government to establish such an Association, resulting in non-implementation of NPOP fully, resulting in abuse of Senior Citizens of the Country by Government and appointing Review Committee now. Review Committee in their Meeting of 19-3-10 has observed as under:-

The need for National Association of Older Persons was expressed. There should be serious deliberation on implementation.

The Committee observed the following as one of the gaps:-

f) An autonomous registered Association of Older Persons was to be set up to mobilize senior citizens, articulate their interests, promote and undertake programmes etc for their well-being and to advise Government on all matters relating to older persons. Govt. was to provide financial support for 15 years.

It would be observed from above that Formation of National Association is absolutely necessary and must be established as soon as possible. Let us discuss how to establish such Association with elected/chosen office bearers at National level. We have different types of Organizations working for welfare of Senior Citizens- i) Organizations like Help Age India, Dignity Foundation, Harmony Foundation & likes doing very good work for Senior Citizens having their own management/trust etc with no elected office bearers from amongst Senior Citizens ii) All India Senior Citizens Confederation (AISCCON) having elected office bearers and having affiliated Associations of Senior Citizens in 20 states & 3 UTs and likes. There may be similar Confederations like that of Pensioners and other Senior Citizens. All have to come under One Umbrella for forming National Association acceptable to Government & all sections of Senior Citizens.

Organizations like Help Age India, Dignity Foundation, Harmony Foundation and likes can be given special status & representation of Advisors, Patrons etc and National Association from amongst the existing Associations of Senior Citizens should be formed on top-priority basis.

National Alliance of Senior Citizens Associations of India (NASCAI)was formed on 13-11-07 along with All India Senior Citizens Confederation (AISCCON), INFA, Mumbai, All India Association of Senior Citizens Forum (Respect Age), Delhi; Forum for Senior Citizens of India, Goa; Indian Retired Persons Organizations, Calcutta; RREWA, Gurgaon and many State Level Federations like:

FAPSCO, FESCOM, Federation of Senior Citizens Forums of Karnataka, TN federation under formation, a parallel Federation to FAPSCO under formation, etc. These organizations represent eleven States. All National level Organizations including Pensioners` Confederation can come forward to join and strengthen NASCAI as one Umbrella Organization of all Senior Citizens of the country for proper and strong representation to the concerned authorities. The main tasks of NASCAI are:

To promote, establish and foster senior citizen groups throughout India

To assist in developing knowledge of those senior citizens associations, which must learn to remain strong advocates of the well-being of aging elderly

To educate senior citizens and political parties who are or might become interested in these concerns

To provide opportunities for seniors to utilize their volunteer and leadership skills for the benefit of all persons

To assist member organizations and others to apply for grants and other funds

To facilitate resource sharing among seniors' organizations

To act as an advocate on behalf of member organizations on request

Let all Organizations of Senior Citizens deliberate on this necessity of having NAOP immediately and give their views and join NASCAI.

Contact Details of NASCAI: Shri K.R.Gangadharan, National Co-Coordinator, NASCAI, Heritage Hospital, 6-3-907/2 Somajiguda, Hyderabad (A.P.) - 500082.

Each State/UT can start the process of establishing State Association of Older Persons (SAOP) by uniting all Federations/Associations under One Umbrella in terms of above provisions, keeping in view matters relevant to welfare of Senior Citizens of their area. Similarly, big cities/towns having more than one organization should also start bringing all under One Umbrella. This will facilitate easy & smooth formation of NASCAI. Such One Umbrella Organizations at all levels shall be for purpose of mobilizing senior citizens, articulate their interests, promote and undertake programmes and activities for their well being and to advise the Government on all matters relating to the Older Persons and if necessary, allow all organizations joining to continue their independent existence, if they feel so and desire to continue their activities.