Thursday, February 6, 2014

Provide avenues of utilization & Training to Senior Citizens, as initiated by Ministry of Personnel for Pensioners.

To Ministries of Social Justice & E; H.R.D.;Housing & Employment; Rural Development; Personnel, PG & Pension; Urban Development; Panchayati Raj. 

National Policy of Older Persons (NPOP) declared with approval of Cabinet on 13-2-99 repeatedly mandates Well-being and improving the life of older persons by providing Social Security(para 12), making available opportunity for development of their potential(para 16),creating chances & opportunities to lead an active, creative, productive & satisfying life so that they continue to contribute more effectively to the family, community, the society (para 18 & 20). High priority is to be given to some level of income security in old age by providing income generating activities (para 24 & 31) by also providing career guidance training & orientation & support services. Para 78 of Policy recognizes older persons as huge untapped resource to be developed by Ministry of HRD. This Ministry has to design special programmes so that they enrich & update their knowledge.No efforts are made to implement these provisions in 15 years.
Ministry of Personnel & Pension has taken a very good initiative for Pensioners to provide them opportunities to channelizing their Experience & Skill in to meaningful activities as per their memorandum no. 4/36/2013-P &PW(D) dt 26-11-13 (All copies enclosed).
Out of 12 crore Senior Citizens, many need such opportunities of giving their Best to Society and Ministries of Social Justice, HRD, Employment, Urban Development etc must look in to this and take immediate action, as provided in NPOP, 99.