Friday, September 6, 2013

World Elder Day, 2013. : Our Representation dt 22-8-13 to President of India.

  To                                                                                                 Date: 7-9-13.
 Respected Shri Satpal Chuhanji, 
Jt Secretary (Co-ord & PG), Ministry of Home Affairs, North Block, Room no. 9,
New Delhi.
Sub: World Elder Day, 2013.
Ref: Our Representation dt 22-8-13 to President of India.
We had requested President of India in our representation dt 22-8-13 (PRSEC/E/2013/13557) to get instructions issued to States/UTs to celebrate International Day of Older Persons with enthusiasm and make each Elder of the Country feel happy and respected on that day and cherish the memory of celebrations of that day for a long time like Valentine Day etc. At present, in Metro City like Mumbai neither State nor many of the Media even mentions anything about this International Day. State celebrates at Pune but does not issue any instructions for celebrations at District level or ward level. Now that President has transferred this Representation to you for needful, we shall be thankful, if you issue detailed instructions to States/UTs, Media etc in time to celebrate this International Day in befitting manner.
We had brought out 10 main issues for Elders of the Country as under and we shall be thankful, if Ministry of Home Affairs looks in to them for needful.  
1.     Celebrate This International Day in a befitting way. Please, issue elaborate instructions to each Stake Holder to celebrate this day with sincerity, vigor and fun fare like Valentine’s Day. Let each Ministry, PSU, Corporate, State/UT at District and Municipal/Panchayat level and Media celebrate and involve all citizens including their serving employees, children etc. In some Countries, this is declared as holiday. All must be encouraged to visit Elders, take them for treat, picnic, film, give presents etc and make this day memorable for them. These Elders have achieved Independence and Present Economic Prosperity for the Nation. Today is an opportunity for us all to show our gratitude for the contributions of older people - by spending time with an elderly neighbor, volunteering at a retirement home etc.
2.     Implement Important Provisions of Declared and Notified National Policy, 99: 
3.     Provide Separate Ministry/Department/Commission for 12 crore Senior Citizens & Pensioners (10% of total population, 13% of electorate and 21% of effective voters).
4.     Provide Avenues of Utilization of Elders:
5.     Provide Negotiating Machinery: Negotiation & Dissemination of Information to Elders is completely neglected by Nodal Ministry. 
6.     Create respect for Elders in the Society & Government and strengthen the legitimate place of Elders in the Society.
7.     Implement Maintenance & Welfare of Parents & Senior Citizens Act, 2007 fully by providing Old Age Home in each District, making District Magistrates give wide publicity to the Act and about Government Programmes for welfare of Elders; by establishing State Councils; District Committees; preparing up to date lists of all senior citizens living in jurisdiction of each Police Station and forming of Volunteers` Committees for each Police Station.
8.     Get Cooperation of all Newspapers, private TV Channels and Bollywood etc: This  is absolutely necessary for creative use of entire Media for highlighting continuously the changing situations of Elders, active ageing, intergeneration bonds etc
9.      Increase Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension (IGNOAPS): 
10.   Get Integrated Programmes for Older Persons (IPOP)Implemented fully for improving the quality of life of the Older Persons by enforcing Municipalities/Panchayats to provide 16 Schemes in each ward by time bound targets.
Recently, MHA has issued instructions on 30-8-13 to States/UTs for safety of seniors as per News in Times of India. We are very much thankful of MHA for this. We shall be thankful, if a copy of these instructions is sent to us.
Thanking You,
Yours Sincerely,