Sunday, August 22, 2010

Grievances of Senior Citizens of Maharashtra.

To                                                                                                      Date: 22-8-10.

Shri Raosaheb Patil,

Hon. Home Minister of Maharashtra, Mantralaya, Mumbai-400032.

Dear Raosaheb,

Sub: Grievances of Senior Citizens.

We were happy to note from Newspapers that you are very keen to reach people and interact with them. You have joined Twitter & Face Book also for direct contact & inter action with citizens,. We are proud of your genuine interest in knowing problems of citizens. We, the Senior Citizens would like to have your help in respect of the following issues:-

1. As per Memorandum issued by Home Department under no. kra.STC-1998/667/pra.ka.36/pari.1 dt 25-10-2000, 50% concession in fares for traveling in MSRTC buses is given to all Senior Citizens of 65 years and above. It is experienced by Senior Citizens of Maharashtra as well as other States coming to Maharashtra that Conductors insist on production of Identity Card issued by State of Maharashtra and do not accept other Identity Cards issued by other States or Central Government Departments, PAN cards, Passports etc. Any photo-identity card issued by any Public Authority including local authorities should be sufficient to get this concession. We shall be grateful, if proper instructions with liberal provisions are got issued very early.

2. We would also request you to consider earmarking of more seats for Senior Citizens, as recently done by BEST and to give free or 90% concession to female Senior Citizens, especially widows and above 80 years. Present age limit of 65 for this concession may also be reduced to 60, as all Senior Citizens deserve similar treatment in view of less income after retirement.

3. As per State GR no. 2006/navi-20 dt 12-12-06, free treatment is to be given to all Senior Citizens in all Municipal Hospitals. All Hospitals, except 3 major Hospitals of Nair, KEM & Sion have given in writing that they are giving free treatment to all Senior Citizens. These 3 major Hospitals are defying the State Orders for last 4 years and do not give free treatment to any Senior Citizens nor giving any reply to representations. You may kindly use your good offices and help your Elders.

4. As per Notification in Extraordinary State Gazette dt 25-2-08, all Rickshaws & taxies were allowed to ply in entire MMRDA area but these orders are not yet implemented even after 2 years, resulting in Senior Citizens and all citizens have to walk with luggage/heavy school bags at all check nakas for change over from one side Rickshaws to other side Rickshaws. In Mira Road- Bhayander Area, Rickshaws are not running on meters and they charge exorbitant rates for even short distance e.g. from checknaka to Shrusti area- distance of less than 1.6 km, Rs 40 is charged. Kindly, use your good offices and get these genuine grievances solved.

5. In the recently notified Maintenance & Welfare of Parents & Senior Citizens Act in extraordinary Gazette dt 23-6-10, important provisions of the Central Act,2007 in respect of Medical Support for Senior Citizens (Section 20) and Transfer of property to be void in certain circumstances (Section 23) are omitted. These are very important provisions for Senior Citizens and may kindly be got added.

6. Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Delhi has recently liberalized the Scheme of Integrated Programmes and laid down liberal grants for 16 Schemes for benefits of Senior Citizens. All local bodies are required to be instructed to provide these facilities in each Ward for benefit of Senior Citizens of their areas. As NGOs do not have any accommodation, they can not get such grants easily and as such Municipalities may be advised to provide these Schemes on programmed basis.

7. Out of almost 9 lakh Senior Citizens in Maharashtra, there are 3.33 lakhs BPL Senior Citizens but beneficiaries for Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension and Rashtriya Bima Yojna are very much less due to proper action not being taken by Revenue Department to classify them as BPL. Kindly get some instructions issued to Tehsildars and concerned officers to get this done early and properly.

Thanking You,

Monday, August 2, 2010

Recognition of All India Organizations of Senior Citizens.

To Date. 2-8-10.

Shri Mukul Wasnikji,

Hon. Minister of Social Justice & Empowerment,

Government of India, Shastri Bhavan,

New Delhi-110 001.

Respected Sir,

Sub: Recognition of Associations of Senior Citizens of All-India nature.

In absence of National Association of Older Persons (NAOP) as per para 96 of NPOP, 99, there is absolute necessity for recognizing some All-India Associations Of Senior Citizens for various purposes like making Senior Citizens at grass routes know the policy of the Government for Senior Citizens; making Senior Citizens to know about various circulars/instructions/facilities/grants/celebrations/ Vayoshreshta Sanman Awards rules, forms, last date etc. At present, not a single Association of Senior Citizens gets any information from your Ministry or any other Ministry dealing with matters pertaining to Senior Citizens.

Ministry of Personnel, P.G. & Pensions, which is a Nodal Ministry for all Pensioners of all departments & States also, has recognized as many as 78 Associations of Pensioners and these are supplied with all circulars and are allowed to represent the grievances of pensioners. Many of them have been provided with Pension Portals-Hard wear, Soft wear & Training at the cost of Ministry. The Nodal Ministry has established SCOVA, which meets regularly. Their Web Site provides direct contact with them by Pensioners & Associations for their grievances.

Our Nodal Ministry has not recognized a single Association or sending a single circular to any of the Associations. Our Web Site is also not kept up to date and most of the time difficult to get connected for a particular subject. Though portion of Senior Citizens is shown in margin as a separate entity, it does not give the required information. More over many Senior Citizens do not have access to computers. All major Associations of Senior Citizens are publishing monthly magazines/news letters and having Web Sites and as such recognizing them and sending circulars etc to them will result in the information reaching to many Senior Citizens. It may also be examined whether Nodal Ministry can have separate Web Site for Senior Citizens and till, it is done, whether these Associations can be provided direct access to Web Site of Nodal Ministry-Senior Citizens Portal by providing them Hard Wear, Soft Wear, Training etc, as done by Pension Ministry. It is absolutely necessary that all such major Associations are immediately recognized by Nodal Ministry and instructions issued to all concerned Ministries including Pension Ministry (as these Associations deal with Pensioners also) to send copies of all matters pertaining to Senior Citizens. As most of the States/UTs have not constituted State Councils, instructions may be issued for recognizing State-level Associations and send them all circulars with facility of representation. Hardly any State/UT bothers about Senior Citizens and do not celebrate International Day Of Older Persons on 1st October or International Day of Elder Abuse Awareness Day on 15th June nor give any awards in appreciation of good services to Society & Elders to deserving sr citizens.

This action need not wait for formation of New Policy and may be taken very early. An appropriate reply in terms of para 66 of Office Procedure Manual reproduced below may kindly be given at an early date. Previous letter dt 18-12-09 on NPOP is also not yet replied.

Extracts of para 66 of the Manual of Office Procedure.

66. Prompt response to letters received-

(1) Each communication received from the Member of Parliament, a member of public, a recognized Association or a Public Body will be acknowledged within 15 days, followed by a reply within 15 days of acknowledge sent.

(2) Where (i) delay is anticipated in sending final reply or (ii) information has to be obtained from another Ministry or another office, an interim reply will be sent within a month (from date of receipt) indicating the possible date by which a final reply can be given.

(3) If any such communication is wrongly addressed to a department, it will be transferred promptly (within a week) to appropriate department under intimation to the party concerned.

(4) Where the request of a member of Public can not be acceded to for any reason, reasons for not acceding to such a request should be given.

(5) As far as possible, requests from members of Public, should be looked at from the user’s point of view and not solely from the point of view of what may be administratively convenient.

Thanking You,

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

World Elder Abuse Day- Abuse by Governments.

World Elder Abuse Day- Abuse by Governments. M.V.Ruparelia.

!5-6-2010 is the World Elder Abuse Awareness Day declared by UNO. According to the INPEA, Elder Abuse is a single or repeated act or lack of appropriate action, occurring within any relationship, where there is an expectation of trust, which causes harm or distress to an older person. It can be of various forms-physical, psychological, emotional, sexual, financial or simply reflect intentional or unintentional neglect. Elder Abuse is a violation of Human Rights and a significant cause of injury, illness, loss of productivity, isolation & despair. Confronting & reducing Elder Abuse requires a multisectoral & multidisciplinary approach.

Our Government had declared a comprehensive National Policy of Older Persons in 1999 with clear directive in each of 98 paras of the Policy that provision made in each para will be done and no where words ``shall or may be done`` were used. Para 93 of the Policy clearly lays down that each Ministry will prepare Action Plan for the Year as well as for Five Year and fix Targets and Time Schedules to take steps to ensure flow of all benefits to older persons. Even Chief Information Commissioner, Delhi vide his orders dt 27-6-08 vide his no. 2701/Senior Citizens/(A)/2008 in Case no. C I C/MA/A/ 2008/00645 to Ministry Of Social Justice & Empowerment has taken note of non-implementation and given clear directive to outline the plan of action in a time bound manner for the larger benefit of older persons. Not implementing this Policy by Central & State Governments and other stake holders even after 11 years is nothing but Deplorable Abuse of Elders in India in light of INPEA`s above definition! UNO has also started taking stock of implementation by various Governments of their directives given in their United Nation International Plan of Action adopted by all Countries in Madrid in 2002.

President of India in her Opening Address to both the Houses of Parliament had promised that

an area of major focus for her Government would be reform of governance for effective delivery of public services. Even after 61 years of Independence, We have not been able to create an Efficient Machinery to deal with implementation of Government Orders; Grievances/Representations of our Citizens. Government has included the Reforming of BABUDOM in their Current Agenda for effective deliverance of Public Service but nothing much is achieved. As per recent Press Reports, PERC (Political Economic Risk Consultancy) has classified our Country as Worst Red Tape Country in Asia.

Ministry of Social Justice entrusted to implement this Policy feels that Policy is for guidance only! All other Ministries believe that they are not concerned with Policy and only Nodal Ministry has to deal with the subject!! Only 6 States & UT’s, out of 35 States and UT’s, have so far accepted [not implemented!] this Policy,99. Remaining 29 States/UTs have not even taken cognizance of it. Even out of the 6 States/UTs, none has really implemented it to any considerable level!!

The Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007 is implemented partially in only three States in three years! Senior Citizens in 32 States and UT’s are still deprived of its benefits.

No State/UT has made any progress for providing Old Age Homes in each District, as mandated in MWPS Act, 2007.

Today the poorest among poor are Senior Citizens. The worst sufferers are the very old that is 65+ belonging to BPL category. 70% of them live in villages and survive by doing physical labour. They are miserable because they are unable to do hard work because of age related disabilities. The Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme assured them minimum of Rs 400 per month pension which would have made their last few years little comfortable, but it was not to be. Out of 35 States and UT’s, 24 have not bothered to look at this scheme. Among 11 which claim to have implemented it, it has become an instrument for extending political favour and majority of eligible are excluded. In Andhra Pradesh only Rs 200/- are paid and that too through self appointed community leaders and Panchayats, who pass on only Rs 100/- to Rs 150/-. Our random surveys showed that more than 50% of elders were deprived even of this.

Recently, three budgets were announced, Railway, Central and States but no Minister even mentioned about existence of 9 crore Senior Citizens. None of their demands was conceded though all the demands were simple and were driven only by considerations of social justice.

There is no Health or Social Security in most of the States/UTs. Though we have shown on paper that the cost of covering the 9% Senior Citizens under Health Insurance on the lines of Aarogyasri in AP will be negligible compared to other cost items, yet no action is taken on this proposal.

As on now only 5 out of 35 States & UTs [28 States + 7 UT’s] provide some sort of health cover to BPL category; the APL Senior Citizens are still left high and dry without any health security, whatsoever.

Our repeated demand for 50% concession in railways [for male Senior Citizens] has been ignored every time. Special suburban trains are run for ladies & separate coach is provided for handicaps but nothing is being done to provide separate coach for Senior Citizens. Similarly 50% concession in State Bus services has been turned down by all States except a very few progressive States. Grant of 2% higher interest rates on our savings was not even considered.

The Senior Citizens were ignored not for the first time. It was fourth time in a row. We have been facing this type of neglect not only in Budgets but even in the redressal of our legitimate concerns and the execution of our welfare schemes. Extremely poor response in most of the States to execution of various welfare schemes is an indication of their indifference towards us.

Frustrated Senior Citizens in all over the country have decided to observe 16th August,10 as National Protest Day to highlight their grievances to the Governments, World Organizations, Society & Media and request on this World Elder Abuse Day to stop our Abuse & look towards us as their Elders, who have worked hard to get Freedom, Present Prosperity & Progress.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Help Line for Senior Citizens in Mumbai.

Help within TWO MINUTES for Senior Citizens!          M.V.Ruparelia.

In city like Mumbai, where very large number of Senior Citizens resides alone at different places and where crime rate is quite high, it will be surprising to know that Mumbai Police reaches for help of all kinds to Senior Citizens within 2 minutes or maximum 7 minutes of your call on their Help Line 1090 or 100. This is what Shri D.Sivanandan, Mumbai Police Commissioner said in the function for inauguration of One more Help Line 1298 for Mumbai`s Senior Citizens by Nargis Dutt Memorial Charitable Trust on 10-5-10. Mumbai Police has provided 690 Motor Cycles of high speed and 400 vehicles fitted with GIS GPS facility with efficient net work of telephones etc, which enable police to reach the spot within 2 minutes and maximum 7 minutes. Senior Citizens can also call Police for help for any such emergencies like:

i) When they urgently require help of Medical Professionals,

ii) When they face situations that involve physical violence or pose a risk to their lives from outsiders or family members,

iii) When they need counseling to quell their feeling of despair & loneliness.

Senior Citizens should get themselves registered on line on or or on 1090 or by going to nearer Police Stations. All personal information will be kept confidential. They should also get their domestic servants, security guards of the Society, Milk/Newspaper suppliers etc also registered for better & quicker service by Police. Such registration is not compulsory for use of toll-free Help Line 1090 or 100. Help Line is a special service for Senior Citizens that will take care of physical & mental care of all Senior Citizens at all time for 24/7.

New Help Line 1298 by Nargis Dutt Memorial Charitable Trust is also for 24/7. On receipt of call, they will contact the concerned NGO working for a particular cause and get early contact for needful. They will also pursue the matter further with the caller after 7 days to find out whether the work is done or not. They have several NGOs on board to provide Counseling, Legal Advice, Information for Old Age Homes and Services available for Senior Citizens. They have also 51 Ambulances in Mumbai, which are free in accident cases & for those in distress. In other cases, charges are levied and in cases of going to Government Hospitals, 50% less are charged.

There are many other Help Lines for Senior Citizens as under:-

(Courtesy: Just Dial Services)

Dignity Foundation.

Contact Person: Ms Julie

Address: Dignity Companionship, BMC School Compound, Opp Lamington Road Police Station, Topivala Lane, Grant Road, Mumbai - 400007

Contact Nos.: +91-(22)-61381111, 61381100


Helpage India

Contact Person: Mr Prakash Borgaonkar.

Address: 34-A-44 Guruchhaya Building, Manish Nagar, Jaiprakash Road, Andheri West, Mumbai - 400053

Contact Nos.: +91-(22)-26370754, 26370740

Fax: +91-(22)-26370754



Silver Inning Foundation

Contact Person: Mr Sailesh Mishra(Founder President)

Address: Shop No. 10, Bldg.No. J -47/48, Poonam Sagar Complex, Behind Allahabad Bank, Mira Road, Thane - 401107

Mobile: 9987104233, 9819819145, 9029000091



Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Formation of National Association of Older Persons.

Formation of National Association of Older Persons (NAOP) M.V.Ruparelia.

Para 96 of National Policy of Older Persons (NPOP) reads as under:-

96. An autonomous registered National Association of Older Persons (NAOPS) will be

established to mobilize senior citizens, articulate their interests, promote and undertake

programmes and activities for their well being and to advise the Government on all matters relating to the Older Persons. The Association will have National, State and District level offices and will choose its own bearers. The Government will provide financial support to establish the

National and State level offices while the District level offices will be established by the

Association from its own resources which may be raised through Membership, subscriptions,

donations and other admissible means. The Government will also provide financial assistance to

the National and State level offices to cover both recurring as well as non-recurring

administrative costs for a period of 15 years and thereafter the Association is to be expected to

be financially self-sufficient.

No action was taken in 11 years by Government to establish such an Association, resulting in non-implementation of NPOP fully, resulting in abuse of Senior Citizens of the Country by Government and appointing Review Committee now. Review Committee in their Meeting of 19-3-10 has observed as under:-

The need for National Association of Older Persons was expressed. There should be serious deliberation on implementation.

The Committee observed the following as one of the gaps:-

f) An autonomous registered Association of Older Persons was to be set up to mobilize senior citizens, articulate their interests, promote and undertake programmes etc for their well-being and to advise Government on all matters relating to older persons. Govt. was to provide financial support for 15 years.

It would be observed from above that Formation of National Association is absolutely necessary and must be established as soon as possible. Let us discuss how to establish such Association with elected/chosen office bearers at National level. We have different types of Organizations working for welfare of Senior Citizens- i) Organizations like Help Age India, Dignity Foundation, Harmony Foundation & likes doing very good work for Senior Citizens having their own management/trust etc with no elected office bearers from amongst Senior Citizens ii) All India Senior Citizens Confederation (AISCCON) having elected office bearers and having affiliated Associations of Senior Citizens in 20 states & 3 UTs and likes. There may be similar Confederations like that of Pensioners and other Senior Citizens. All have to come under One Umbrella for forming National Association acceptable to Government & all sections of Senior Citizens.

Organizations like Help Age India, Dignity Foundation, Harmony Foundation and likes can be given special status & representation of Advisors, Patrons etc and National Association from amongst the existing Associations of Senior Citizens should be formed on top-priority basis.

National Alliance of Senior Citizens Associations of India (NASCAI)was formed on 13-11-07 along with All India Senior Citizens Confederation (AISCCON), INFA, Mumbai, All India Association of Senior Citizens Forum (Respect Age), Delhi; Forum for Senior Citizens of India, Goa; Indian Retired Persons Organizations, Calcutta; RREWA, Gurgaon and many State Level Federations like:

FAPSCO, FESCOM, Federation of Senior Citizens Forums of Karnataka, TN federation under formation, a parallel Federation to FAPSCO under formation, etc. These organizations represent eleven States. All National level Organizations including Pensioners` Confederation can come forward to join and strengthen NASCAI as one Umbrella Organization of all Senior Citizens of the country for proper and strong representation to the concerned authorities. The main tasks of NASCAI are:

To promote, establish and foster senior citizen groups throughout India

To assist in developing knowledge of those senior citizens associations, which must learn to remain strong advocates of the well-being of aging elderly

To educate senior citizens and political parties who are or might become interested in these concerns

To provide opportunities for seniors to utilize their volunteer and leadership skills for the benefit of all persons

To assist member organizations and others to apply for grants and other funds

To facilitate resource sharing among seniors' organizations

To act as an advocate on behalf of member organizations on request

Let all Organizations of Senior Citizens deliberate on this necessity of having NAOP immediately and give their views and join NASCAI.

Contact Details of NASCAI: Shri K.R.Gangadharan, National Co-Coordinator, NASCAI, Heritage Hospital, 6-3-907/2 Somajiguda, Hyderabad (A.P.) - 500082.

Each State/UT can start the process of establishing State Association of Older Persons (SAOP) by uniting all Federations/Associations under One Umbrella in terms of above provisions, keeping in view matters relevant to welfare of Senior Citizens of their area. Similarly, big cities/towns having more than one organization should also start bringing all under One Umbrella. This will facilitate easy & smooth formation of NASCAI. Such One Umbrella Organizations at all levels shall be for purpose of mobilizing senior citizens, articulate their interests, promote and undertake programmes and activities for their well being and to advise the Government on all matters relating to the Older Persons and if necessary, allow all organizations joining to continue their independent existence, if they feel so and desire to continue their activities.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Integrated Programme for Senior Citizens-Suggestion to Minister.

To Date: 15-4-10.

Shri Mukul Wasnikji,

Hon. Minister of Social Justice & Empowerment,

Government of India, Shastri Bhawan,

New Delhi-110 001.

Respected Sir,

Sub: Integrated Programme for Older Persons to improve their quality of life Revised Scheme effective from 1-4-08.

16 Programmes prescribed under the above Scheme of your Ministry are very well-thought measures for improving the quality of life of Senior Citizens of our Country. However, as very few programmes have come up in these 2 years and as these programmes have far reaching effect on lives of Senior Citizens, it is necessary that a fixed time bound schedule is laid down for providing these facilities in each area and progress monitored. Local Bodies are one of the Implementing Agencies for these Programmes. All local bodies are having required infrastructure to provide these programmes and if a time bound programme for each of their wards, as necessary is laid down and Budget Provisions made and grants given to them, all the 16 programmes, as necessary for their ward wise areas can be provided in a time bound schedule. As all local bodies are controlled by elected representatives of citizens and follow all rules of Public Accounting etc, it would be easy to entrust them this wonderful benevolent work of improving the quality of life of Senior Citizens of our Country. To ensure that each Local Body does this in a time bound schedule, this Scheme may be included in Welfare & Maintenance of Parents & Senior Citizens Act on par with provision of One Old Age Home in each District by State Government, if necessary or separate legislation for this may be got passed for expeditious provision of these life enriching 16 programmes. Other Implementing Agencies may also come up for grants, if they have proper infrastructure and other requirements.

The above suggestion may please be considered at an early date and facilities under this Scheme provided very early.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,


Updated Article on Reverse Mortgage Loan.

Reverse Mortgage Loan: M.V.Ruparelia.


Number of Senior Citizens in our country as well as the whole world is increasing day by day due to various factors like overall economic growth, low mortality, advancement of medical science etc. Such a huge number of experienced and talented think tanks of the society can not be ignored by any Government or Society! With a view to provide a steady stream of income to Senior Citizens owning residential premises, Finance Minister had announced the introduction of a novel Loan Facility called ``Reverse Mortgage Loan`` (RML)in his Budget Speech of 2007. Government owned National Housing Bank has notified detailed operating instructions for guidance of Primary Lending Institutes (PLI) viz Scheduled Banks and Housing Finance Corporations (HFCs). PLIs have been advised to observe and maintain high standards of conduct with Senior Citizens and their families and treat them with special care, fairness and sympathy. They are also advised to disclose and explain all terms of the loan clearly. They should give full details of methodology followed in valuation of Residential Premises, quantum of loan and all pros and cons of loan. They will also explain the details of Agreement to be entered into for Mortgage. As a customer-friendly gesture, even after loan is sanctioned and documents executed, borrowers shall be given 3 clear days time to cancel the transaction (Right of Rescission). Finance Ministry has further clarified that no Income Tax is payable on amounts received by neither Senior Citizens from Mortgaging Organization nor any capital gain is payable on higher assessed value of their flats given on mortgage. This Scheme has now become quite advantageous to Senior Citizens (Asset reach but Income poor) having their flats needing additional income. Let needing Senior Citizens take advantage of this Scheme and improve their standard of living.

Amongst the Banks, Punjab National Bank (PNB) was first to introduce its Loan Scheme named ``Bagban`` and amongst HFCs, Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Ltd (DHFL) was first to introduce its ``Saksham``. Thereafter almost all Banks & HFCs have notified their schemes from time to time.


Generally, Loan is not acceptable or advisable in our culture but culture not of our country but almost the entire World to-day is completely changed. Farmer takes loan for tractor, seeds etc to increase production. Citizens take loans for bikes, cars, T.V., Fridge, and House Building etc. Governments are taking loans for food grains to feed population, water supply schemes, roads, machinery, arms etc for welfare as well

as quick development of the country.

Due to abnormal increase in dearness, overall progress and easy availability of various things and facilities, it is difficult for many Senior Citizens to live comfortably within their present income. Many had not planned for such a long life span. There are Senior Citizens, who have some income out of pension or savings but not sufficient to meet all their basic needs. There are some, who have good income for basic needs but not sufficient for good health care facilities, picnics, pilgrimages, sight seeing or similar needs of better life. They are not able to spend much for social obligations like marriages of children etc. There are some, who have enough income to meet such needs but not sufficient for fulfillment of their childhood desires, fancies and fantasies like visits to Far-East, Alps, Switzerland, Europe, America or a flat TV, costly Mobile and similar desires! Almost all Senior Citizens have worked hard during their prime time and spent their hard earnings for family and social obligations etc and hardly anything on self. Many have saved and/or taken loan for providing Residential Premises and take pride of having such premises. They are staying in such self acquired premises for quite some time and have personal attachment to that place. Their children do not require these premises or anything from them, being well off and staying independently and want their parents to enjoy and live comfortably. Senior Citizens do not wish to sell off and go to smaller premises or native place, even when they need more income. The price of their property has increased considerably, as compared to their purchase price and it has become their `Home –Equity Wealth`. This Reverse Mortgage Scheme is to help all such Senior Citizens to augment their income and empower them to enjoy the fruits of the booming economic progress of the country in their last spell of life and to live decent life, if not King-size, at least quite comfortably. Flat is procured by them with their own efforts & earning. Parents do not want to give them to their children for some reasons or this is not required by their children, as they are well-off or away. Flat or any material things can not be taken with us on our death. It is for staying and under this scheme, staying till death of both is guaranteed, so why not encash and enjoy our last spell of life with better financial resources available to us now due to our past efforts.


Under this Scheme, any Senior Citizen of 60 years and above, resident of India, having a self-acquired and self-occupied Residential Premises having residual life of at least 20 years and without any encumbrances and in which he is staying at present for one year or more can mortgage the premises to any PLI of his choice. Married couple will be eligible as joint borrowers. In such cases, only one of the borrowers need be 60 and above and another 55 and above. One great advantage for borrowers is that there is no service of loan during their life time/tenor i.e. no pay-backs.

Amount of Loan:

The amount of Loan by P.L.I. shall depend upon realizable market value of residential premises assessed by P.L.I., age of borrowers and prevalent rate of interest. According to guide lines of N.H.B., the loan amount along with interest on the basis of Reverse Annuity Mortgage that will accrue till the end of tenor of loan may generally be limited as under:-

Age Group Loan amount to be limited to Assessed Value of Residential Property.

60-65 40%

66-70 50%

71-75 55%

Above 75 60%

As these are guide lines only, P.L.I.s follows their own standards. e.g. Punjab Nation Bank is keeping margin of 20% and has kept the upper limit of loan with accrued interest as 1crore. Rate of interest by P.N.B. is 10% ; by D.H.F.L. 12%and Indian Bank 10% by keeping uniform margin of 61% in all cases for 15 years tenor and loan to asset value 39%. The methodology adopted by each P.L.I. for determining the quantum of loan including the detailed tables of calculations, the rate of interest and assumptions, if any, shall be clearly disclosed to the borrowers. The valuation of property shall be reassessed at some intervals but at least once in 5 years and amount of loan shall be revised upward or downward as per revaluation. P.N.B. has fixed 5 years, D.H.F.L. & Indian Bank as 3 years for revaluation. Borrowers shall have full liberty to accept or reject the revaluation by paying the amount due at that time to P.L.I. All P.L.I.s have to ensure that the equity of borrower in residential premises (Equity to Value Ratio-EVR) does not at any time during the tenor of loan fall below 10%. The following tables of P.N.B. and Indian Bank shall give an idea as to what amount of loan per month may be available for different tenors of loan per 1 lakh of value of residential property:-

Tenor-years 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Amount Rs. 490 420 360 315 275 240 215 190 170 150 135 P.N.B.

216 I.B.

410 DHLF.

468 225 S.B.I.

461 393 337 291 252 220 Allahabad Bank

As per DHLF rates, a property worth Rs. 20 lakhs for instance will earn Rs. 4100 per month for 10 years. After adding up interest at 12 %, the amount payable to DHFL would be around Rs. 10 lakhs.

Nature of Payment:

The loan shall be payable in one or more installments in lump sum or monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annual installments, as may be mutually decided by borrowers & P.L.I.s. It can also be paid by way of committed line of credit. Lump sum payments may be made conditional and limited to special requirements such as medical emergencies, home improvements, maintenance, upgradation, renovation, extension, insurance of residential premises. This can be used even for repayment of existing loan taken for the residential property to be mortgaged and any other genuine needs of borrowers. This loan is to supplement the existing income, if any, but can not be used for any speculative, trading or business purposes. The loan-amount shall generally be paid to borrowers directly except where payments are required to be made to outside parties for repairs, maintenance, insurance, property tax, repayment of loan of residential premises to be mortgaged etc. The Loan shall be secured by way of equitable mortgage of self-acquired & self-occupied residential property in favour of P.L.I. in suitable form/agreement. The PLI shall enter into a detailed loan Agreement setting out all salient features of loan mortgage security. No Income Tax is payable on amounts received by Senior Citizens from Mortgaging Organization nor any capital gain is payable on higher assessed value of their flats given on mortgage.

Initial Cost:

The P.L.I.s will provide in writing a fair and complete package of RML material and specimen documents covering the benefits and obligations of the product. They shall also make available interest rate and details of capitalization of interest on loan etc. The initial costs (closing costs) may include the customary and reasonable fees and charges for Origination, Appraisal, Inspection & verification, Title Examination Fees, Legal Charges/Fees, Stamp Duty, Registration charges, Property Survey & Valuation charges. A detailed schedule of all such charges shall be provided to prospective borrowers by PLIs.

Settlement Of Loan:

The loan shall become due and payable only when the last surviving borrower dies or would like to sell the premises or permanently moves out of home to stay with some relatives or some institute of aged care home. If the borrowers do not live in the premises continuously for one year or more or do not intend to live there continuously, it shall be treated as moving out permanently. Settlement of loan along with accumulated interest shall be met with by proceeds received out of sale of mortgaged property. The balance surplus, if any, shall be passed on to borrowers or their heirs/estate. The borrowers or their heirs can repay the amount due from any other source and get back the mortgaged property. They can also prepay the loan and interest at any time during the loan tenor also without any levy/penalty/charge for such prepayment. The borrowers shall be allowed to continue to stay in the premises till they are alive or cease to use the property as their residence. Even in cases, where, due to accrual of interest till death of both Senior Citizens i.e. self & spouse, total amount due to the Mortgagee Organization exceeds the value of the mortgaged flat, no amount shall be payable from other property of the borrowing Senior Citizens or their kith & kin!

Obligations of borrowers:

i) Borrowers must continuously live in the mortgaged premises and not leave that for continuous 1 year or more and keep the premises in proper livable and saleable condition, keep them insured against fire, earthquake and other calamities.

ii) Continue to pay all taxes, maintenance charges, insurance, repairs & maintenance etc.

iii) Will not give away the premises on rent or by way of donation or gift or create in detail encumbrances etc or will not abandon or make any changes, which may affect the security of the premises.

iv) If the premises are declared by the government etc authorities as not fit for residence due to health or safety reasons or they desire to acquire for public purposes, the PLIs shall be

v) notified immediately.

vi) Borrowers shall not make any testamentary disposition of premises and if it is done, it would be subject to the mortgage created in favour of PLI. Will must clearly indicate that this property is subject to the discharge of the mortgage debt and heirs shall not be entitled to challenge the validity of the mortgage. PLIs may obtain a registered will in its favour stating that the borrowers have availed of RML from PLI on security by way of mortgage.

vii) Permit PLI to enter the premises for inspection, as and when necessary.

The above is only to give some idea about the new facility offered. Before applying for RML, each Senior Citizen should assess his needs, make a reasonable assessment of life expectancy and life style and approach the PLI of his choice and discuss with PLI in detail, obtain detailed scheme and then take his decision. In these 3 years, about 6400 Senior Citizens have taken advantage of this scheme and received loan to the extant of Rs 1200 crores. Looking to the poor response, perhaps due to limited period of monthly payments, a New Reverse Mortgage Loan enabled Annuity Scheme has been introduced by Central Bank of India in Dec.99.

New Reverse Mortgage Loan enabled Annuity Scheme:

Under new Reverse Mortgage Loan enabled Annuity (RMLeA), 2009, Central Bank of India & Star Union Dai-ichi Life Insurance Co. Ltd. have launched an Annuity Product called Cent Swabhiman Plus on

10-12-09, a Reverse Mortgage Loan enabled Annuity (RMLeA) - a unique & tailor-made product facilitating Senior Citizens to avail regular payments throughout life till both die, as against 10/15/20 years by RML Schemes and that too with substantially higher payments than other Schemes. Rate of interest charged is 9.5 (to be reset every 2 years) in place of 10 to 12% in RML Schemes. The amount of loan shall depend on market value of your flat (property), your age & prevalent rate of interest. For those aged 60 to 70 years, 60% of value of property, those between 70 to 80, 70% of value & for those, who are 80 & above, 75% of value of property will be the amount of loan admissible. Such admissible property value (to be revalued every 3 years) is considered for giving annuity, which can be taken at 25% ( subject to limit of Rs 15 lakhs) as lump sum and remaining or full amount in monthly, quarterly, annually etc, as desired by borrower. The borrower should be of 60 & above and spouse 55 & above. Payment will be made by Insurance Company through Central Bank. Borrowers have to deal with Central Bank only as One-Point Contact for all matters. There are 2 schemes, one without return of Purchase price and another with return of Purchase price. In the scheme of repurchase of the mortgaged property by heirs, monthly payment will be little less. Monthly payment per lakh works out to Rs. 396 in first scheme & Rs 288 p.m. in second scheme. Service charge of 1.5 % is levied. Income Tax, as per borrower’s taxable position is payable on annuity payments. Capital Gain is payable only at the point of alienation of mortgaged property by the mortgagee for the purpose of recovering loan. National Housing Bank is already in correspondence with Finance Ministry for exempting this Scheme also from Income Tax & Capital Gain. It is very important to note that the whole RMLeA scheme is a `No Negative Equity` scheme and the borrower will never owe more than the net realizable value of the mortgaged property. Even when payments with interest to borrower exceed Net Realizable Value of property, it will not be recovered from the borrower or his heirs from any other asset or will not be asked to pay that excess. Borrower can prepay an RMLeA availed at any time during the loan tenure without any levy of prepayment charges from Bank. On such repayment, Mortgage will be released by Bank with an advantage of annuity payments by Insurance Company continuing in his Bank account. On death of borrower, surviving spouse (joint borrower) is given little higher payment. All other conditions of RML Scheme mentioned in earlier portion remain the same for RMLeA Scheme also.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

National Policy of Older Persons,99- Letter to Review Committee.

To                                                                                             Date: 17-3-2010.

Member Secretary & Joint Secretary (SD),

Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment,

Government of India, Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi-110001.

Dear Sir,

Sub: Meeting on 19-3-10 for Reviewing the National Policy of Older Persons, 1999.

Ref: Your letter no. F.No.15-40(2)/09-10/AG II dt 11-3-10 received on 15-3-10.

In continuation of my letter dt 18-12-09 to Minister of Social Justice & Empowerment by name, I give the following suggestions for discussion on 19-3-10.

With the expected abnormal increase of elderly population in the coming decades, if we do not take proper steps immediately in right spirit, there will be large crowds of uncontrollable and uncared for elders roaming about on roads (more in number than stray dogs/cows/buffalos etc seen on roads

to-day) with Alzheimer, Dementia and many age related diseases difficult to manage for the Society & the Government. On the other hand also, if Science’s Dream Girl promising Eternal Youth by changing genes, using stem cells & magic pill for food & medicines etc come to our shore at affordable/subsidized/free cost, there will be crowds of youthful elders roaming for work/employment. In view of this likely grave situation of very large elder population in coming decades, it is necessary that immediate steps are taken to face this likely situation in right earnestness by all stake holders by making proper budget provisions regularly every year.

The present state of non-implementation of Policy,99 is mainly due to rigid thinking of Nodal Ministry that Policy is for guidance only and of other Ministries that the subject of NPOP,99 is not for them but only for Nodal Ministry and States/UTs not bothering much for their elders. This position must be removed by clearly bringing out in the Policy as to what action is to be taken by whom and bringing the provisions of para 93 of the Policy in II-National Policy Statement after para23. The position of very large elder population with large number of ailments and problems should be empathetically brought out with latest Demographic Trends in Implication portion of the Policy in para 7 to 11. Each Stake Holder should be asked to give action taken by them on each para and should be put up to Committee for appreciation of the existing position after 11 years and to propose further action on each para.

Immediate issues concerning Senior Citizens requiring prompt action are as under:-

i) For payment of IGNOAP (Pension), the concept that Senior Citizens must belong to BPL family must be abolished. The Pension of Rs 1000 should be paid to all Senior Citizens having income of less than Rs 2000 p.m.; Pension of Rs 750 to all having income less than 4000 p.m.; Rs 1000 to all women Senior Citizens, whether widow or married. Those above 80 must be given 20% extra every 5 years. All must be given dearness relief every 6 months. Insurance cover to BPL Senior Citizens belonging to unorganized sector should be extended to all Senior Citizens of 60 and above and cover should be more than 30000.

ii) To avoid/reduce the cases of various diseases and to enable Senior Citizens to lead Active Life, the Senior Citizens should be provided with avenues of avoiding loneliness and keeping engaged in hobbies, profession etc. The scheme of Day Care Centers and other Schemes laid down in Integrated Programme are the main avenues for keeping Senior Citizens fit & engaged. Leaving to NGOs etc to provide such facilities may not bring desired results within desired time. This responsibility with targets & number of each scheme for each district/ward etc can be fixed and given to Municipalities/Panchayats with time bound plan of action, as done for one Old Man’s House in each district by State/UT Government in Welfare & Maintenance Act, if necessary by separate legislation or including this in Maintenance & Welfare Act. Such Schemes for all Senior Citizens at all places as per fixed scale will act like preventive steps to help Senior Citizens from various diseases created due to loneliness.

iii) Sufficient avenues for second career and/or utilization on honorarium basis of Senior Citizens, who are the Think Tank of the Country and experienced must be laid down in the Policy, with large number of income generating schemes.

iv) Nothing is done all these years for providing proper health services. The proposed comprehensive National Programme for Health Care of elderly at primary, secondary & tertiary level must be scrutinized by the Committee and time bound action plan laid down in Policy. The existing facilities by Central/State & Municipal/Panchayat should be made free and improved considerably & brought to Private Hospital level and para-medical staff and doctors given training periodically to treat & behave kindly with elders. Private Hospitals must be forced to give free & concessional treatment, as provided in Public Trust Act. An Ombudsman Organization like IRDA should be constituted for whole Medical Business including production & supply of medicines. Standard Price List for various pathological, surgery etc processes should be laid down for different areas & different types of hospitals. Affordable medical treatment without any hurdles should be available for all Senior Citizens. Affordable Health Insurance with subsidized premium for low & middle income group should be provided for all ages without exclusion of existing diseases. Recommendations of Sastry Committee, as accepted by IRDA should be got incorporated in Policy and got acted upon..

v) All retired employees from Government Departments as well as Public & Private Sector must be provided all facilities like pension, medical, use of Welfare Centers, Libraries etc after retirement also by the erstwhile employers, as available to serving employees.

vi) Senior Citizens not getting Pension but surviving on interest income are hit very adversely due to dwindling interest rates & unmanageable dearness and require some help to maintain, if not earlier working time standard but atleast some standard. A scheme of higher interest must be provided in the Policy. New Tax Law is adversely affecting Senior Citizens and Policy may provide some protection.

vii) Monitoring Machinery to get progress of action taken at local level, State level & Central level should be laid down. (Para 93-94). Formation of NAOP (Para 95) at various levels by fixing targets is a must and such Associations will not only monitor the progress but also bring the requirements etc of Senior Citizens to the notice of concerned Public & Private Stake Holders. Permanent Negotiating Machinery at various levels and Joint Consultative Committee at Centre level should be laid down in Policy. All such Associations must be provided with circulars/instructions/information pertaining to Senior Citizens by all Government Departments to keep their members aware of what is happening. NCOP is not functioning properly. Constitution and working system for NCOP should be included in Policy. In absence of NAOP and recognized Associations at various levels, information about good work done by Government and benefits given does not reach at grass route levels. Again, in absence of proper Monitoring System for non-Government Stake Holders like Media, Trusts, Corporate World, Bollywood etc, no one either issues instructions or monitors the work done by these stake holders. Proper Machinery for this should be laid down in Policy.

viii) Unless Media is actively involved in this likely position of very large population of Senior Citizens in coming decades and their problems, nothing much can be achieved. Policy must lay down in clear terms the expectations of Senior Citizens from media and who will liaison with Media.

ix) Housing Schemes for Senior Citizens with medical facilities and common kitchen should be provided on rental basis with number of flats/tenements in each ward/district on programme basis in addition to sufficient number of Vrudhashrams free and paying. Reservation of fixed percentage for Senior Citizens in all Government housing schemes must be statutorily provided. Holiday Homes, Convalescent Homes should be provided at various places by giving targets. Concession/facilitation in transport facilities, hotels etc by Public & Private Sector including Travel Agencies are necessary for change in atmosphere, pilgrimage, trips etc. Entertainment for Senior Citizens is also must for maintaining good health and Cinema Houses are also required to look after their elders. Special drama/cinema on topics pertaining to Senior Citizens will help in creating healthy & happy atmosphere.

x) Welfare Fund for Senior Citizens by each Stake Holder must be provided with procedure for budget provision, donations & use of such fund. Central & State Welfare Funds must be provided for various welfare schemes & help to Senior Citizens.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,


Copy forwarded along with copy of my letter dt 18-12-09 to Smt. Mohini Giri, Chair Person of the Committee.

A New Vrudhashram.

Anand Ashram. M.V.Ruparelia.

A new Vrudhashram, named Anand Ashram for Senior Citizens has come up just 67 km from Mumbai at Vajreshwari through Western Express Highway. Vajreshwari is a home town of religion and popular for its `Hot Springs`. Amongst this natural & pious atmosphere, a campus for Senior Citizens with temples of Ram, Saibaba & Jalaram is built with neat & clean Bhojanalaya, Gaushala (Cow Shed), Medical Centre, Recreation Centre with various facilities including Yoga etc. Intention of the Trustees is to rejuvenate Senior Citizens and bring back their glamour & glory to life. They have made an honest attempt to create an environment for Senior Citizens, where they can spend their twilight years in comfort, dignity & freedom, they rightly deserve. There are well structured, self contained rooms along with a decent comfort level of living. A variety of rooms are available from a single, double, triple and quadruplet occupancy. Each room is esthetically furnished and offers comfortable and clean living. It is equipped with well carved furniture along with attached bathroom with geyser, shower etc with fully backed power supply. The accommodation is vast and 80 Senior Citizens can stay comfortably. As you enter the Campus, you will feel like entering a Heaven! Each room is so nice that there are no words to describe it. From terrace, you can see the Nature’s Gift to us-the greenery, the hills, the sun rise, the sun set and what not in morning & evening. A vast area of the Campus gives you liberty to enjoy walking, playing out-door games etc. Temples within the Campus are also wonderful.

As it is new one and not yet patronized by Senior Citizens, it is open for all for picnic, staying for any number of days at payment of Rs 250 per day per individual for accommodation, morning tea, breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea & dinner. Free food is given to pilgrims visiting Vajreshwari on Sundays & Thursdays. If you are in a group and do not want to stay overnight, you can also visit by keeping one room for some hours. Groups of Senior Citizens can thus visit and enjoy a day’s picnic here.

The address of the Campus is as under: Jalaram Dham, Vajreshwari-Bhiwandi Road, Vajreshwari. Dist Thane-401204. Contact No. 02522-296280.

Trust’s Head Office: T.A. Chatwani Charitable Trust & Jobanputra Trust, Citi Point, Teli Gally, Andheri (East). Mumbai400069. T.No. 022-26843051/ 26838739.

Chinmaya Vibhooti.

Chinmaya Vibhuti. M.V.Ruparelia.

Chinmaya Vibhuti is a Vision Centre developed by the Central Chinmaya Trust, a leading non-profit Spiritual Organization, famous world wide for promoting India’s Cultural Heritage. This Complex is meant to keep India’s Great Son & Visionary Saint Swami Chinmayanandji`s vision ever glowing with various activities for Spiritual Development of devotees and all those desire such development through appropriate training courses & Camps. It is situated in the lap of Sahyadri Mountains at the picturesque village of Kolwan amidst the unimaginably beautiful natural surroundings, 40 km from Pune, Maharashtra (1 hour journey by road) and 135 km from Mumbai Ashram at Powai (3 hrs road journey).It is built on 70 acres of land.

It has comfortable accommodation that can house up to 900 persons in different blocks given different names with self contained rooms with hot water facility by solar system and European style toilets. It has a hygienic dining hall, called Annashri with large kitchen, where 600 persons can take meals at a time. It has 1008-capacity auditorium, called Sudharma with Bose Sound System. It has other two multi purpose seminar halls. There is a nicely built Chinmaya Maruti Mandir. There are 8 A/C Dance & Music Studios and a state of the art residential school of Indian Classical Music & Dance. Chinmaya Jeevan Darshan is worth visiting. It is a state of art permanent Exhibition depicting the life, work & teachings of Pujya Swami Chinmayanand. It`s each wall talks to you in the hearing instrument given to you, when you enter and changes the subject, when you move to other wall on the subject depicted on that wall/portion of the Hall. Chinmaya Vani is the largest book, CD & souvenir store worth seeing and purchasing. Shri Pranav Ganesh Mandir, Chinmaya medical clinic Dhanvanatri, Chilla rooms for riyaz, state of art library & recording studio, 2000 capacity ampitheater, Vedic Garden Paths, Annand Sarovar – an artificial lake with capacity of 1 crore litres of water, other halls & class rooms with AC arrangements having 45 to 200 capacity are under construction.

Camps on different subjects are held from time to time and you can join the camp by contacting the offices shown below by paying prescribed Registration Fee (generally Rs 200) and Rs 400 per day per individual for stay on sharing basis, for morning tea at 7, breakfast at 8-15, lunch at 12-45, tea at 15-30 & dinner at 8-15. Even without joining camps also, you can come & stay here for any number of days for attaining spiritual peace and happiness by advance intimation by paying daily charges and enjoy the Nature & Spiritual Presence of Chinmayanandji in the entire Complex.

Contact Details: Mumbai:09820291792 02228575806; 28572828: Contact Shri H.K.Hinduja. E/Mail:

Shri R.G. Nene, CEO, Chinmaya Vibhuti, PO Kolwan-412108. Taluka Mulshi. Dist. Pune. Mobile: 09850835474. E/

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Reverse Mortgage Loan-Payments till both survive!

Life Long Reverse Mortgage Scheme:

Now, Central Bank of India & Star Union Dai-ichi Life Insurance Co. Ltd. have launched an Annuity Product called Cent Swabhiman Plus on 10-12-09, a Reverse Mortgage Loan Annuity (RMLA)- a unique & tailor-made product facilitating Senior Citizens to avail regular payments throughout life till both die, as against 15/20 years by other Schemes and that too with substantially higher payments than other Schemes. Rate of interest charged is 9.5(to be reset every 2 years) in place of 10.25 to 12% in other Schemes.60 to 75% of property value(to be revalued every 3 years) is considered for giving annuity, which can be taken at 25% as lump sum and remaining or full amount in monthly, quarterly, annually etc, as desired by borrower. The borrower should be of 60 & above and spouse 55 & above. Payment will be made by Insurance Company & not Central Bank. Keeping in view 2 schemes of repurchase of the mortgaged property by heirs, monthly payment per lakh works out to Rs. 396 or Rs 288 p.m. for property value of Rs 1 lakh. On death of the borrower, little higher payment is made to the surviving spouse. Payments made under this Annuity Scheme is taxable.